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Student Loan Repayment Request

You are eligible for CES loan repayment help if all of the following are true and you have followed the steps outlined below:

  • You graduated from MHS in 2011 or later
  • After you started receiving CES support, you graduated with your post-secondary degree within 6 years.
  • Your MyCES portal shows that you still have CES funds remaining.
  • You submit all required documents within 9 months of earning your post-secondary degree.

Only student loans used toward standard tuition, fees, room & board costs during terms when you were eligible for CES funds may qualify for repayment assistance.

Step 1. Check How Much CES Can Repay

Depending on how you managed your borrowing during college, your loan debt may be higher than the amount MHS required you to borrow. Any debt over your MHS-required amount is your responsibility to repay.

  1. Review how much MHS can repay

Log into your MyCES portal. On the screen called Summary: Remaining Funds, check the Potential Loan Repayment field. This is the total loan that MHS required you to borrow, or the amount of your remaining CES funds, whichever is less.

  1. Review how much your borrowed

Use your FSA ID and password to log into . Your dashboard screen shows your loan principal and interest.

Step 2. Submit Documents to GPS

GPS doesn’t automatically send a loan repayment for you.

Within 9 months of earning your post-secondary degree, you must:

  • Complete CES Loan Repayment Request Form. If our e-sign form is incompatible with your device, contact GPS to request a PDF.

  • Upload to GPS File Drop:

    • Final academic transcript showing your degree and date earned (unofficial from college portal is fine)

    • 1 PDF explained on the Request Form above that contains both of the following:

      1. Dashboard screen
      2. Servicer Details screen

Step 3. Confirm that CES Payment was Received

After you have completed Step 2, allow 2-3 weeks for GPS processing. When we make the payment directly to your loan servicer, we will mail you a copy of our payment letter, noting any special guidance that may apply to you.

Check your loan servicer’s portal 2-3 weeks after you receive our payment letter. Confirm that the CES payment is showing on your account. If not, contact your loan servicer.

If you have any CES Bonus Funds remaining, that payment will automatically be made to you at the time of our student loan payment.

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