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The Mental Marathon

The Mental Marathon: A Milt Resource Series

MHS Alumni Relations partnered with 11 alumni and staff to offer the first webinar in a series titled, “Mental Health Marathon.” This event provided an opportunity for panelists to provide resources on topics related to their fields of expertise and mental health.

Topics included community service, counseling, food and diet, healthy relationships, organization strategies, outdoors and exercise, goal setting, spirituality and meditation, and unplugging from social media and technology. Participants were invited to engage with panelists as they shared experiences and coping mechanisms for dealing with the stresses of 2020 and beyond.

Community Service & Campus Engagement

Presenters Samson Arnold ’17 and  Dezwaan DuBois ’07 have provided these tips and resources:

  • “Find your passion” – This allows you to engage in events that you genuinely care about.
  • “Build with others” – Bring friends and family along to participate in community service events as well!
  • “Promote engagement” – It helps the organizations efforts to have as many people vested in aiding their efforts as possible!



Counseling & Healthy Relationships

Counseling and Healthy Relationships

Presenters Angenette Crume ’05 & Alphonso Nathan ’05 have provided these tips and resources:

  • “You are not alone” – People all over the world have and will struggle with their mental health, so it is ok to reach out to friends and professionals!
  • “Set boundaries” – Knowing what boundaries you set for yourself and others will help keep your energy protected.
  • “Make time for YOU” – Acknowledging when you feel yourself slipping from normalcy is the first step in knowing that you need to take a mental health break and that’s ok!



HelpWhenYouNeedIt.Org – over 350,000 listings for social services, mental health, substance use, legal and financial assistance. – Online services feature virtual, email, and text therapeutic services. – provides specific information about coverage options in your state, including private options, high-risk pools and other public programs (800-318-2596).

Food & Diet

Presenters Kayla Mason ’08 and Craig Ward ’07 have provided these tips and resources:

  • “Find what works for you” – Planning snacks and meals that can be incorporated into your daily routine help with making incremental steps to a healthier lifestyle.
  • “Practice discipline” – Focus on what changes you’re looking to make and why. Writing this down will help you on your journey towards healthy dietary habits.
  • “You can still eat your favorite foods” – A healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean cutting out your favorite foods and treats. It means to moderate the intake of those foods and incorporate health substitutions.



Intuitive eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch 

Goal Setting

Presenter Tiffanni Osbourne provided these tips and resources:

  • “Make S.M.A.R.T. goals” – Make sure your goals are: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based
  • “Be reminded on purpose” – Set a timeline of schedule for your goals.
  • “Share” – Share those goals with friends and family for both excitement and accountability!



Your local library for vision board construction materials (free magazines!)

Nearest arts & crafts stores (Michaels, hobby lobby, etc.)

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