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Senior E-sign

Note:  If our e-sign form is incompatible with your device, email [email protected] to request a PDF.

“Only complete any of the e-sign documents below if instructed to do so by your Higher Education Support Specialist or CES staff.”

  • E-sign your Permission to Release Information
    This one-time form is required of all college-bound seniors and lets your college talk to MHS as needed to help you.  If you do not know for sure which college you will attend in Fall20, type in the college you are most likely to attend.
  • E-sign your CES Overview & Responsibilities
    This “terms & conditions” form is required of all college-bound seniors.

As Needed:

ONLY IF APPLICABLE:  E-sign your 4-Year Acknowledgement or 2-Year MHS Acknowledgement
This e-sign document is only required of those seniors who have agreed to a 4- or 2-year college plan based on their financial aid analysis.  Your Career Counselor will inform you.

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