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Financial support for Madeline Marchese

  • Please submit your vote by Monday, April 4, 2022 5 p.m.
  • Vote for yes or no to Award Madeline Marchese $2,000 for “The Summer intensive is a two-week program through Ballet 5:8's professional company. The program is a two-week training program of dance classes from 9-5 daily. The program is a college intensive, designed for student dancing in college currently or those about to enter their freshman year as dance majors. My postsecondary plan is to pursuit a double major in dance and Poli Sci, which is why I really want to be able to attend this program, as I think it would be truly beneficial for my training. The classes are taught by guest artists from other companies, such as the American Ballet Theatre, and the dancers of Ballet 5:8.
  • Please provide any comments you may have regarding your selection
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