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Class Agent Program

Who are Class Agents?

Class agents are a committed, loyal group of alumni. They help build a strong connection between alumni, classmates, and their school. Class agents represent their individual class years and foster the positive partnership between their class, the school, and the Alumni Association. They strengthen the alumni community through leadership and engagement activities.

What Does a Class Agent Do?

The class agent program helps classmates stay connected and maintain relationships with one another and with the School. Class agents are some of our most valuable volunteers, as they work with the Alumni Office to:

  • Communicate regularly with classmates via letter, email, or social media channels.
  • Reach out to classmates to collect email addresses and updated contact information.
  • Locate “lost” members of their class.
  • Collect news for the Class Notes section of the Thy Traditions Dear. This includes marriages, births, class members’ achievements, and honors earned. This is a great way for people to stay caught up across the miles and through the years.
  • Update classmates on school-related programming.
  • Encourage and increase participation in alumni activities (regional events, Homecoming, Fellowship Weekend, and more). A personal invitation from a classmate goes a long way!
  • Serve as goodwill ambassadors.
  • Brainstorm additional ways to keep a class connected. Many class agents create newsletters or Facebook pages for their classes, or collect photos for an online slideshow. New ideas are always welcome.
  • Serve as a member of the reunion planning committee in your reunion year.
  • Promote class participation in MHSAA annual giving and reunion class giving.

Interested in Becoming a Class Agent?

If you’re interested in representing your MHS class in a leadership role, openings for class agents are available. Some classes don’t currently have a class agent and others are looking for additional assistance.

Job Requirements

Job requirements are simple: A minimal time commitment and the interest to keep in touch with your classmates and friends. Being a class agent helps you stay involved with MHS after graduation. The flexible role means you can be as active as your schedule will allow.

How to Apply

Contact the Alumni Relations Office at 888-MHS-Alum/888-647-2586 or send an email to [email protected] if you’re interested in becoming a class agent.


Update My Information

To stay connected and keep you informed about your MHS family, we need your current contact information. Take a minute to submit any address, phone, or email changes.


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