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Purcell Friendship Hall FAQ

Who may use the facilities?

Alumni, retirees, employees and members of their IMMEDIATE family.

How much does it cost?

  • The cost is $8 per person for social events – events for 50 or less guests are a flat fee of $400. 
  • Corporate meetings or training sessions are a flat fee of $400.
  • Weddings are a flat fee of $1,200.00. If the day before is available it can be rented for a flat fee of $400 for decoration and rehearsal. 

What does the rental fee include?

The fee includes use of the building, tables – both rounds and longs, chairs, and use of the AV system.

How many people will the building accommodate?

The Purcell Friendship Hall has two levels and capacity is based on a variety of things – buffet vs. served meal, Band vs. DJ and big head table vs. a sweetheart table.  As an estimate, if you have DJ, served meal and a mid-size head table (8 people) and the dance floor – you can fit about 120 people on the first floor. If you’d like to include the second floor – add another 80 people.   The second floor is accessible by elevator and stairs.

Can I put up decorations?

Decorations may be used and should be discussed with the Alumni Campus Coordinator.  You may not use duct tape, nails, etc. to put up decorations.  You must remove ALL decorations the night of the event.

When can I have access to the building?

For most events, you will have at least 2 hours prior to the event to access the building.  For weddings, the bride can come in on the Friday afternoon before the wedding to decorate and to check the set up for an extra fee of $400. The event should be over and decorations removed by midnight.

Can I present a slide show on the AV equipment?

Yes, but you must provide your own laptop and it is suggested that you bring your slide presentation and laptop to the facility for a test run before the date of the event.

What other AV equipment is available?

  • A cordless, hand-held microphone
  • A podium w/microphone. 
  • A CD player and a connection for an Ipod or MP3 Player. 
  • Wireless internet access and access to basic cable television.

How do I arrange for food for my event?

Purcell Friendship Hall has a list of preferred caterers.  All requests for use of other caterers must be discussed with and approved by our Alumni Campus Coordinator. Caterer’s need to have proof of insurance on file and tour the facilities prior to the event.

Can I have alcohol at my event?

Yes, but it must be a hosted or open bar and there must be an insured, trained and certified bartender dispensing it. This applies to wine, beer and all other alcoholic beverages. Bartender must be able to provide proof of insurance and RAMP certification to the Campus Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the event.

Do you provide table linens, place settings or glasses?

No, event sponsors must provide their own dishes, eating utensils, table linens, etc.  You can either work through your caterer or directly with a rental company.

Do I have to clean up?

By using an approved caterer, who knows our expectations, you can be assured that the facility will be cleaned to our satisfaction.  However, if you don’t use one of the approved caterers, you are responsible to make sure that all garbage and left over food items are removed from the facility.  You are asked to clean up any spills or other items that may cause a slipping hazard.  You are not asked to clean the bathrooms or to mop floors.

Are we allowed to use fireworks during our event?

Fireworks are not allowed to be used on the premise. Many weddings opt to do a sparkler send off at the end of the event. If that is something you are interested in doing, the details would need to be worked out with the Campus Coordinator during the event planning meeting.

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