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Alumni Building Connections

Overview & Purpose 

Connect. Inspire. Empower. 

This program is designed to build connections between MHS alumni and the MHS 12th grade students. Through this partnership, alumni serve as champions for character & leadership growth amongst 12th grade students to help them navigate living in a multicultural environment while also preparing for life after MHS. Alumni will be paired with a specific Transitional Living home which includes up to 20 students in each home. 

Character & Leadership Development 

  1. Promote the MHS Sacred Values as the basis of good character and cultural competence. 
  2. Provide students with opportunities to build life skills that support strong work ethic and exploration of career aspirations. 
  3. Provide spaces for students to engage with alumni who champion their growth mindset to be their best self. 
  4. Provide leadership opportunities for students to build social and emotional learning skills in the areas of self-awareness & self-management, social awareness & relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and growth mindset. 

Program Commitment 

  • One school year commitment to adopt a Transitional Living Home. 
  • Meet with assigned TL home staff to collaborate expectations and home dynamics. 
  • Outline means of communication with students and staff. 
  • Recommendation to commit to at least one meeting a month. 

Program Ideas for Connecting 

  • Collaborate with TL Staff for community service projects
  • Host learning forums/workshops 
  • Schedule check-in sessions
  • Join TL home for Dinner at the Health Center (5pm-7pm) 
  • Attend open all-campus events or specific TL events 


Alumni Building Connections Program

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