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Heart of a Spartan

Say thank you to someone at Milton Hershey School
that made a difference in your life!

MHSAA’s Heart of a Spartan Campaign gives you the chance to tell the story of the difference maker who impacted your life. Say “thank you” to the houseparent, teacher, coach, or mentor who inspired you and helped change your life—by sharing a note, picture (optional) and making a gift in their honor.

MHSAA will share notes with honorees and post them on social media.



“Cooperation is the only true solution of many of our problems. More and more we are awakening to its possibilities, whereby each one labors for the interest of the whole body politic, realizing that individual success depends upon the success of all, as no one is independent of his neighbor.”       

~Milton S. Hershey, Oct. 19, 1916

  • Write a short note to your difference maker and let them know why you think they have the Heart of a Spartan.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Optional: Upload a favorite photo of the person you are homoring, it can be an individual photo, group photo or just the two of you.
  • Donor Information

  • Price: $5.00
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