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Alumni Relations – FAQs

1. Alumni Visiting Campus

The Milton Hershey School family is always happy to welcome returning alumni to the campus.  Alumni are graduates of Milton Hershey School who received a diploma from the School. Alumni may also include those non-graduates who left honorably upon their completion of required work.  This may also include non-graduates who left the School in good standing. Former students, as used in the context of this document, are those who once attended Milton Hershey School but were asked by School officials to leave prior to graduation or left under problematic circumstances.

Like all guests, alumni must register at buildings and/or student homes, when visiting. Alumni and guests visiting student homes must remember that they are in fact, visitors, and must identify themselves to houseparents, prior to entering a student home. Calling ahead to request permission to visit is strongly recommended, especially if the alumnus/nae graduated years prior and may not know be familiar to the current houseparents.


As a general rule, students leaving at the request of the School or on a non- cooperative basis are not welcome back on campus without special permission.


Alumni/Student Visitation Requests

In accordance with Milton Hershey School visiting policy for anyone requesting visitation approval, an alumnus/alumna must be on a student’s visiting roster before that student may leave his or her student home or the MHS campus with the alumnus/alumna requesting visiting privileges. Any overnight visitations require written authorization along with visiting roster approval.

2. Alumni Campus Facilities Use?

Alumni, employees and retirees and members of their immediate family are able to use Purcell Friendship Hall or the Dearden Alumni Campus Pavilion for private events such as weddings, birthday parties and holiday parties.  Please visit; there, you will find a link to a reservation request form.

3. Admissions – Enrollment Mgmt. & Family Relations

Direct admission calls to Jaclyn Waldron ext. 3546 OR direct the person to call # 800-322-3248 ext. 3186

4. Birthday Cards

Over 600 birthday cards are sent out to alumni each month. Please send your updates using the provided form on your birthday card or update your information here

5. Christmas Cards - Some older alumni may receive Christmas cards from Elementary Division students; what should I do? Is a response expected?

Each year during a Christmas Party hosted by the MHSAA Homestead Chapter, elementary students sign cards for select groups of alumni. If you’d like, you may send a card or thank you note to the students. The return address should be on the envelope that was mailed to you.

6. Class Reunions - Our class reunion is approaching, and I’d like to start planning reunion events.

If you are the Class Agent, we can provide you with a class list and information about the Homecoming schedule of events. Often, classes plan to attend some of the events as a group.

In addition, the 5th and 25th year reunions are offered space in facilities at the Dearden Alumni Campus on Friday of Homecoming Weekend free of charge for the event space. All other expenses are at the classes’ discretion.


The 50th year class reunion is hosted by the MHS President for a dinner Friday evening on the Alumni Campus.

If you are not the Class Agent, we can put you in touch with the person who is; they would likely welcome some assistance with reunion planning.

7. Class Rings - I lost my class ring; how can I replace it?

You may purchase a replacement ring through the MHS Alumni Association.

Link to information and order form.

All Josten’s rings carry a warranty for the first 4 years of ownership against damage.  It works out to be approximately 1/3 of the ring cost to replace it, all depending on the gold market value at the time.


8. Clearances – When are they needed? What’s the process?

If you will be participating as a volunteer in a routine, ongoing program where you will have contact with students, or if you have visitation permission, you will be required to get clearances. Do you have an email address where we can send you instructions and links to the sites where clearances forms are located?

I already have clearances through work or another organization, can I use them for MHS?

MHS requires that you complete the clearances process according to its policy. The school will reimburse you for expenses associated with obtaining clearances.

9. How do I request my diploma?

  1. Direct all requests for diplomas to Kristin Lambert at [email protected]

Diploma requests must include:

Name at the time of graduation

Year of graduation

Current mailing address

Phone number

Requests can be e-mailed to [email protected]

NOTE: You do not receive a copy of your original diploma — you will be receiving a new diploma with the signatures of current school administrators.

10. Graduate Contact Information - How do I request contact information for a specific graduate or a list of classmates?

Alumni Records

The Alumni Relations & Programs Office makes every effort to maintain the most up-to- date address information on all graduates. Alumni should be encouraged to forward their own updated address information to the Alumni Relations & Programs Office.

Dissemination of Information – The Alumni Relations & Programs Office does not disseminate personal alumni information, with the exception of providing certain mailing lists to the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association. Information pertaining to high school transcripts for alumni is directed to the Enrollment and Family Relations office.

For individual information, we will happily send your contact information to the graduate you’d like to contact if we have that information. He or she will be asked to contact you directly.  We DO NOT give out contact information.

MHS Alumni Relations and Programs provides class lists to only Class Agents and Chapter representatives, who are volunteers conducting business on behalf of the MHS Alumni Association.

11. Graduate Housing – Summer Housing

Summer Housing is available at Lebanon Valley College for MHS graduates who are entering or currently attending post-secondary education. The housing program runs from late May to early August. In order to be considered for housing, an application needs to be submitted to the Housing Committee. The application process starts in March. Space is limited and housing spots are assigned by priority of need. Summer Employment is a prerequisite for housing. Graduates are required to pay a weekly rent. Get more information here.

12. Memorial Bricks - when are they placed in Garden?

Bricks are placed 2 times a year in the Friendship Garden, Prior to commencement /Prior to Homecoming. Buy a brick.


Do you need copies of your MHS diploma, academic transcript or health records?

Milton Hershey School retains your academic records. If you need a copy of your MHS diploma, academic transcript or health records—for education, employment, or government verification.


15. I’d like to do something for students who stay at MHS during the holidays. Is there a way I can do that?

The school provides programming for students during breaks. There are opportunities to provide support to students during breaks, such as donating food or money toward a food drive for students who return home during breaks. The program is coordinated by MHS employees, and information about donating is published in the Spartan Minute.


16. I want to volunteer or establish a relationship with a student home. How can I do that?

We are currently working to expand the school’s current Project Fellowship program so that groups of alumni may participate. Once we have the details in place, we will publish information about how alumni can get involved. Until then, you are welcome to participate in projects sponsored by one of the local MHSAA chapters, by attending athletic and visual and performing arts events, being a guest reader for the Go RED Family Reading Night, or other opportunities that may be offered throughout the year. Information about these opportunities is published at and in the weekly Spartan Minute e-newsletter.

17. What do I need to do to get volunteer clearances?

If you will be participating as a volunteer in a routine, ongoing program where you will have contact with students, or if you have visitation permission, contact alumni relations here to request clearances.

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