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MHSAA Ballot

Candidate Bios:


Terry Arnold ‘82
Charlotte, North Carolina
I am deeply indebted to MHS for the educational/life experience that was afforded to me, and the sum of my time there changed the trajectory of my life. As a Lifetime Member of MHSAA, service to the Alumni Association would be a proud honor and privilege for me to give back in a way that also honors the legacy of Milton and Catherine Hershey. My 34 years of organization, business, and professional leadership experience has prepared me well for the task, and I am willing, able, and eager to serve.




Hailey Brunk ‘05
Rome, Maine
Having served as the Homestead Chapter Representative (2012-14) and a director in 2014, I have had the unique experience to see firsthand the difference that we make as an Association. In 2016, I was named executive director of SkillsUSA New Hampshire, executing, and operating large conferences and events for students and adults in Career and Technical Education programs. I believe these skills can be of use to our Association as we continue to work for the betterment of our home, school, and Association.




David DuCharme ’14
York, Pennsylvania
Since graduating, I have admired the challenging work of our Alumni Association and have looked to our leaders as role models in volunteerism and giving back to one’s community. I am now able to also start giving back to our alumni and school community. I believe that my professional skills in finance, wealth management, and organizational planning make me an excellent candidate to help lead our Association. I am excited for the opportunity to gain experience from my peers and be of service to this community.




Alfredo Gonzalez ‘87
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
I look forward to bringing 25+ years of experience as a board member of various community boards and work in education/human services to the MHSAA board. My hope is to make MHSAA a relevant partner and advocate for the Deed of Trust.
As Milts, we all have a duty to give back to our school and communities and be a living testimony to the Milton Hershey legacy.
MHSAA needs to have a long-term plan to address the challenges of today and in perpetuity along with the Deed. There is a need for transparency and best practices in all that MHSAA does for the betterment of MHS youth and graduates.


Stephen Spencer ’75
Port Charlotte, Florida
As a proud alum of MHS, I feel blessed to be part of the Milt experience. I would appreciate the opportunity to give back and contribute to the success of our alumni. One of the hardest obstacles is transitioning to the “real world” after graduation. Continuing to work on and enhancing existing programs, collaborating with fellow alumni, teachers, students, and school officials to help provide for some of the gaps of experience by our graduates is paramount. I have worked with other alumni associations and would like to contribute and add my knowledge to MHSAA. I appreciate your support.



Anastasios “Tom” Trispagonas ‘99
Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania
There have been several positive influences that have shaped who I am today, but there was no greater influence than my experience as a student at MHS. Like many of my classmates, my early childhood before MHS was difficult. After I graduated, it was hard not to feel alone. But I kept in close touch with my houseparents, teachers, and fellow graduates who are more like family to me than any blood relative. Now, as a husband and father of five daughters, I have had the opportunity to build the kind of family life I always wished for as a child. The blueprint on how to do that is rooted in what I learned at MHS. Now, it is my turn to give back. I was thrilled last year when the leadership team of MHSAA asked if I would consider lending my talents as a financial planner to serve as their treasurer. I have brought value to the team thus far, and my hope is to continue my work as a formally elected board member. My ambitions go beyond just minding the numbers. There is a real need to foster unity among MHS alumni right now. There are brothers and sisters that still feel alone like I once did. We can change that. We can improve lines of communication. We can encourage camaraderie and foster the feeling of “home” that many of us enjoyed as students. We can share that sentiment with younger alumni and pass along our love and good will to future generations. We have an opportunity to facilitate real change and continue the mission that Milton Hershey first started. We just need folks that are willing to do the work. And now, my sleeves are rolled up. I’m ready when you are.

Please note Alicia Maynard has withdrawn her candidacy.


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