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Milton Hershey School's GPS

The team works to enhance the school’s individualized support for students in grades 5-12, as well as for graduates who are entering college, technical programs, the workforce, or the military. The GPS Division includes college and career counseling, the Continuing Education Scholarship program (CES), and Higher Education and Workforce Development Support Specialists.

Senior Director
Sheila Ciotti
[email protected]

Executive Assistant
Ruth Tuise
[email protected]

Higher Education Support

Keri Ambrocik
[email protected]

Administrative Secretary
Katie Eckert
[email protected]

Higher Education Support Specialists

Shelly Wessner
Unique Patterson
Ashley Smith

[email protected]

Workforce Development Specialist

Wendy Gillman
[email protected]

Continuing Education Scholarship Office

Scholarship Supervisor
Ken Brown

Scholarship Specialist
Leanne Frech

Scholarship Services Specialist
Megan Shreve

[email protected]

College and Career Readiness

Edward Rafferty
[email protected]

Senior Administrative Secretary
Lisa Georgis
[email protected]

College and Career Counselors

Leigh Farrar-Freeman – 11th/12th Grade
[email protected]

Daniel (Keith) Jones – 11th/12th Grade
[email protected]

Rebekah Manney – 11th/12th Grade
[email protected]

Matt Speese – 11th/12th Grade
[email protected]

Wiliam Zapata – 11th/12th Grade
[email protected]

Jeremy Nesmith – 10th Grade
[email protected]

Abbey Wascovich – 9th Grade
[email protected]

Tiffani Rooney – 5th-8th Grade
[email protected]

GPS Communication & Data Analyst

Catherine Skena
[email protected]





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