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Business Directory Submission

MHS Alumni Business Directory Submission Form

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Milton Hershey School reserves the right to refuse to post or remove Alumni Business Directory listings for any reason at any time. By submitting a business listing, you warrant that the business described in that listing is owned by you, that you are a graduate of Milton Hershey School, and that the information submitted is accurate to the best of your knowledge. By submitting a business listing, you expressly agree that MHS does not directly or indirectly endorse or make any other representations concerning any of the businesses registered in the Directory. Use of the Milton Hershey School name and/or registered trademarks by businesses listed in the Directory is prohibited. Also, please note that the MHS logo and other Milton Hershey School registered trademarks may not be used by any external companies without permission.
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