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Alumni Recognition

Robin Ferrer ’00, 2023 Alumnus of the Year

Milton Hershey School’s 2023 Alumnus of the Year Robin Ferrer ’00 described his time at the school as his most significant and transformative experience. Before enrolling at MHS his experience battling inner-city poverty in New York City left him broken and hopeless with a loss of ambition and dreams. Today, he serves as system vice president of emergency services for the Mount Sinai Health System, the largest academic medical center in the same city where he grew up. “Each person shared something with me that gave me hope and promise for the future,” said Robin. “But more importantly, every person at MHS showed me love and warmth. They accepted me for who I am and were deeply invested in making me a better person.”

Jocelyn Bioh ’01, 2022 Alumna of the Year

Jocelyn described the impact of MHS on her life as immeasurable. “I did not come from a family that had wealth or access, and we really had to fight for whatever we earned,” Jocelyn said. “Getting the opportunity to go to MHS—where I didn’t have to be concerned about anything financially—allowed me the mental space to grow as a person and an artist. That impact changed my life as it crystalized for me that this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Christine Cook ’81, 2021 Alumna of the Year

“I saw the dedication, fun, and commitment and was pulled in by the MHS magic that is difficult to describe.”

Lt. Col. Charles “Chuck” Seidel ’87, 2020 Alumnus of the Year

“There isn’t a single aspect of my life that MHS has not impacted, but some of the most important have been in strengthening my faith, my work ethic, and my ability to get along with and care for others.”

William Charles Ballough Harding ’78, 2019 Alumnus of the Year

“I am humbled and honored beyond belief, and I feel that being recognized as the MHS Alumnus of the Year means more to me than any professional awards, titles, patents, or academic degrees.”

Wendy MacClinchy ’92, 2018 Alumna of the Year

“I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do such deeply fulfilling work. I claim no grand successes, nor deserve credit for any singular achievements. Anything remarkable I may have done has been the result of the contributions of so many others. I do hope I’ve been able to leave behind some good.”


Alumni Awards

Milton Hershey School celebrates the success of its alumni through three unique award programs.


MHS Lifer's Club

Alumni who started at the Milton Hershey School in Kindergarten, first grade, or earlier are known as Lifers.

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