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Helping Hands Fund

Milton S. Hershey shared a story about being in Denver and getting out of a bad situation because he had $100 in his pocket. That experience was so impactful that the Deed of Trust reads, “And when they leave us at 18 we will give them $100 each to begin life.”

As our alumni progress through life, they can fall on hard times or find themselves in bad situations. MHS cannot provide financial assistance. The Dearden Foundation is able to provide support, but only for individuals up to the age of 26. The Cancer Care Fund is available to help those who are battling cancer. Until now, MHSAA has not been able to fill in the gap. 

The Helping Hands Fund will provide emergency support for items such as lodging (short term housing or deposits), groceries, transportation (car repairs or payments), insurance premiums, child care, or medical needs. 


Please use this form to make a donation to the Helping Hands Fund.

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