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MHSAA 2023 Director Ballot

Vote for MHSAA Board of Directors:


Nevaeh Lynn Heverling ‘23
Womelsdorf, PA
Area(s) of Expertise: Social Media, Young Alumni
I would like to serve on the MHSAA Board because I can bring fresh information about what our younger generation wants to see from the Board. My generation and upcoming alumni want to see someone my age on the board so that they feel welcomed. I can also bring new, fresh ideas to the Board. I have been a part of the Student Government Association where I served as senior class president. I was club coordinator and budget coordinator at the learning resource center. I also taught elementary dance. While a student, I went to monthly drills for my job in the military.


Albert Leonzi ‘71
Edinboro, PA
Area(s) of Expertise: Communications
I would like to serve on the MHSAA Board to continue my dedication to making our Association one of the best throughout the nation. It’s important that we continue to create and foster the dreams that Milton and Catherine Hershey envisioned in 1909 with the signing of the Deed of Trust for alumni like each of us. It’s important that we support the school and its mission by our commitment to improve relationships that kindle the dreams of our benefactors.
I feel that my mission is to dedicate the talent I possess to encourage the younger alumni to feel a sense of pride and to become involved in their alma mater. It’s important to help increase membership and support our brothers and sisters in need. I feel that I possess personal qualities that enhance values and love for one another. We are family in so many aspects. I respectfully request your vote to continue my service to my home and family.

Mark Manley ‘83
Myerstown, PA
Veterans Affairs
Area(s) of Expertise: Financial, Technology, Leadership
I have witnessed the role of the Alumni Association evolve over time. To its credit, the Association is far more involved in the lives of graduates than in the past. I want to be part of today’s efforts to assist graduates young and old in facing the challenges and demands of tomorrow.




Michael Mulderig ‘71
Palmyra, PA
Retired, Past MHSAA President
Area(s) of Expertise:
I have served on the MHSAA Board for the past 10 years. During that time, particularly the past four years, I have been an advocate for a more diverse membership on our Board. We are making strides in that direction; however, I feel that we still have work to do in that area. If I am re-elected, I will continue my ambition of recruiting younger alumni to “step up” and take on leadership positions within our Alumni Association.



Anna Marhefka Pistory ‘14
Palmyra, PA
Social Work
Area(s) of Expertise: Communications, Marketing, Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy, MHS Employee
It would be an honor to serve on the MHSAA Board of Directors to continue to encourage a broad and active Association that accurately represents our unique, vibrant, and diverse alumni family. As a mental health professional, my heart and passion are rooted in servant leadership and creating a space for everyone to grow, thrive, and “have a seat at the table.” If selected, my passion and focus would be to continue to find ways to honor our most sacred and loved traditions while advocating for innovation, diversification, and growth that serves our communities well.


Mary Pratt-Lauchele ‘96
Harrisburg, PA
Area(s) of Expertise: Communications, Fundraising, Marketing, Sales, Organization
For several years, I have been on the fringe of MHSAA, simply volunteering at any opportunity. MHS not only changed the course of my life, but it helped to shape and mold who I have become as a person. My drive and determination to never quit are a direct result of MHS. The volunteer opportunities at MHS have allowed me to make a difference at a higher level.
My experience as a leader and coach and my commitment to the local community only further serves this opportunity. Above and beyond my connection to the school, I bring to the table over 15 years of marketing and sales experience. My ability to connect and build relationships can help further the deep fundraising roots that the MHSAA has already built. Throughout my career, I have successfully organized many fundraising events of all sizes. I am organized, effective, and my business card should read, “she gets stuff done.” I have a deep-rooted commitment to the success of MHSAA and look forward to the opportunity to be a part of both the history and the future of MHS.


Khyree Randolph ‘19
Harrisburg, PA
Area(s) of Expertise: Financial, Marketing, Social Media
I would love to serve and be a candidate for the MHS Board of alumni. I think my age and experience make me a great candidate for the position because I can easily and realistically relate to current students and graduates. The mission of MHSAA is to foster a sense of family and community among alumni. As an alumnus, I knew there were some staff and alumni I could reach out to but not nearly as many people as I thought, and I know other graduates felt the same way or even more disconnected after graduation. It’s important that this Association is properly recognized so more students and graduates can be positively impacted. I enjoyed speaking to the current seniors and playing golf with MHS students, and I wish I had known about the opportunities years ago. I received feedback and messages from students telling me how motivated they were seeing a fellow alumnus go through life. I also found myself relating to them more than I thought! Experiences like the Presidents’ Reception and Fellowship Weekend activities made me extremely proud to be an alumnus, and I would love to see more alumni attend in the future. In conclusion, I’m a proud alumnus and would be happy to serve and carry out the mission of MHSAA and build more relationships while doing so.

Mike Shanahan ‘06
Raleigh, NC
Financial Sales
Area(s) of Expertise: Financial and Social Media
Since attending MHS from 2002 to 2006, Milton Hershey and the legacy he and Kitty created have inspired me in so many ways. “One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy and only useful as he contributes his influences for the finer callings in life.” Along with living the MHS Sacred Values to this day and forever, I live up to this quote and do my best to implement good in the world and make others happy, as that is the ultimate satisfaction and goal. All other good things will follow. I ask for your support in allowing me to have the honor to serve as an MHSAA Board member.


Victoria Warne ‘12
Mechanicsburg, PA
Coach, Educator, and Entrepreneur
Area(s) of Expertise: Communications, Fundraising, Social Media, Organization
Being part of something that is bigger than yourself is what I strive for. Going through life you realize that it’s not always about you as an individual but the community. Success to me has not only come from working hard in everything that I do but also by working on building connections with those around me. Being on the MHSAA Board will give me the opportunity to give back to the place that helped me become the best version of myself. Working with the current student population as a coach, I speak to them about life after graduation, and some are excited, but others are scared. Being able to be on the Board and connect with the same students who I coached and mentored after they graduated and welcome them home to MHS for events and encourage them to come back is something I would love to be able to do. Not only being able to work with the alumni but also being a young familiar face for those students is my hope to show them they can come back and give back to the school as well. Given the opportunity to be on the Board, I would help mold the path for my fellow brothers and sisters after me to see that we can give back and need to give back to keep the legacy of Milton and Catherine Hershey alive. I want to be on the Board to make a difference and speak up for change that is needed and ideas that can pave a better future for the school today, tomorrow, and forever.


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