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Help Center: Housing

Commuting from Home

If you plan to commute to campus from home instead of living at college, the distance must fall within CES standards.

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Deposit for Off-Campus Apartment

Security deposits and advance rent for your off-campus apartment are not covered by CES.

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Deposit for On-Campus Housing

To receive CES payment or reimbursement of your on-campus housing deposit, submit a request.

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Meal Allowance

CES provides a meal allowance to students commuting from home and on-campus students who request this option.

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Meal Plan

CES supports college meal plans up to 19 meals per week.

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Off-Campus CES Living Support

CES supports off-campus living expenses via a living allowance.

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On-Campus Residence Hall Options

For students living on campus, CES supports the cost of limited kinds of dorm rooms.

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Proof of Off-Campus Living Support

To receive proof of your CES living allowance amount to show your landlord, submit a request.

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Summer Housing

If you need a place to live in the summer or have costs for summer housing while you’re enrolled in classes, GPS may be able to help.

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