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Richard McClure

Richard was born September 3, 1950 to Chester “Mac” McClure and Katherine Kendall McClure in Battle Creek, Michigan. He lived there with his parents and older brother David until 1963. In August of 1963, his mother died unexpectedly and as their father was quite ill in a VA hospital, they came to live with their Uncle Bob Kendall and his wife Gay and their young children Brad, Christopher, and Allison, in Hopewell Junction, NY. Sadly, in November 1963 on the same weekend as the Kennedy assasination, their father passed away. It was agreed that they should come to, live with their other uncle’s family, Ann and David Kendall in Carlisle, PA. Richard and David became defacto siblings to the Kendall children Margaret, Peter, and Douglas who were closer to their ages.

Richard lived with the Kendall’s until he graduated from Milton Hershey School in Hershey, 1969. He lived in Hartford, CT, working at odd jobs and living at the YMCA. He enjoyed visiting with family who now lived in West Hartford, CT. Around 2009, he moved himself to Chillicothe, OH to reconnect with his father’s side of the family in Kentucky. He lived independently in an apartment until his health began to fail. He resided 6 years at Signature Healthcare in Chillicothe and enjoyed it. He made many friends there. He remained in contact with Margaret and named her as next of kin, as his brother David had died in 1985.

His hospitalizations became more frequent in July 2022, he fell acutely ill with respiratory failure. He was in 2 different ICU’s for the remaining weeks of his life, sedated and on a ventilator. He had told Margaret that “l want to live. I don’t want to be DNR status.” But early in the morning of August 17, 2022 he passed peacefully; his body just gave out. Richard especially enjoyed animals. He always made friends with any cats and dogs he encountered. For a time, the nursing home had 3 Labradors that came daily with a staff member. Richard loved them, gave them treats, and claimed he was their favorite resident. He always wanted to hear about Margaret’s many animals when he called. He enjoyed several trips to Ship Bottom, NJ with Margaret’s family and to her small hobby farm.

When she started a parrot sanctuary, he always wanted to talk with the parrots. He will always be remembered as a kind and sweet soul. He had a special relationship with Peter’s wife, Leona and their daughter, Jennifer. He was predeceased by both uncles and their wives, and Peter and Leona. He is survived by the rest of his Kendall cousins and Jennifer. His cousin, Wilma Spicer, survives on his father’s side.

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