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John Kinnaird

John Orr Kinnaird of Nottingham, PA, died at home of natural causes on September 3, 2021. Mr. Kinnaird’s death followed shortly after the death of his wife of 60 years, Bertha Lloyd Hunt on June 2nd. Mr. Kinnaird was cared for at home in his last months and was surrounded by his family in his final days.

Mr. Kinnaird was born in Brookville, PA to Malissa Knappenberger and Malcolm Kinnaird. He was a graduate of the Milton Hershey School in central PA, and of The General Motors Institute. In the 1950’s John was specially selected for a one-time draft into the Sea Bees and served in Rhode Island. Returning to civilian life, he met his beloved wife, Bertha Lloyd Hunt, and they married on November 25, 1960. In 1968 John moved his growing family to Nottingham, PA. John spent the majority of his engineering career with the Sun Oil Company. He retired as Chief Project Engineer in 1992.

Mr. Kinnaird’s life was given to serving God’s church, raising his family, and tending his farm. He served as a ruling elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and as the first lay-moderator of the Orthodox Presbyterian General Assembly in 1981. He was instrumental in the development of communications systems and voice synthesizers for non-verbal people like his son John. He raised his children to love and serve God, all of whom continue his tradition of serving as leaders and teachers in their own churches. He spent decades creating his farm, Ebeneezer Acres, as a retreat for inner-city churches, various ministries and his friends and family.

Mr. Kinnaird is preceded in death by his wife Bertha, his son John, his brothers Bill and Lee and his sister Lois. Mr. Kinnaird is survived by his by daughter Malissa with husband Clint Files, by his daughter Deborah with husband James Perry, by his son Malcolm with wife Justine Ryba, and by his son David with wife Rachel Barker. He is also survived by 10 grandchildren and their spouses: John Files, Thompson Files, Hunt Kinnaird, Katharine Perry, Addie Anderson, Blair Files, Grace Kinnaird, John Perry, Robert Kinnaird, James Perry, Finley Kinnaird, and Drew Kinnaird. He is also mourned by the many friends and family who knew him as Uncle John.

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