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Forrest Hepler

Forrest Ray Hepler was born April 5, 1947 and raised in Pennsylvania where he later became a proud Alumni of Milton Hershey School. Taking all that he learned, he eventually made his way out to the West Coast settling in Modesto, California where he lived out his life among family.

Regardless of which Coast you knew him from, Forrest was always a kind, funny, and loving man for all those he encountered. To know him was a blessing as it often meant having a smile on your face whenever he was around. He was proud to have the titles of Husband, Dad, and Gramps all roles which he loved to fill often going above and beyond because of how much joy it brought him. His Christian faith and personality itself meant you did not have to be his blood in order to be showered by his love. Whether it was just a moment in time, or getting to know him personally his love was always radiating and got to be experienced by many others. His love came in many forms whether it was his cooking, jokes, or anything in between. He would find a way to know what people needed, and bring that into their lives.

Forrest was filled with love, laughter and joy to give while simultaneously teaching others to do the same. With a smile that could light up a room, and jokes that would inspire laughs that echoed through the halls, it was impossible not to feel his good spirit. Even later in his life while battling health conditions, he maintained all these qualities that made him the amazing person everyone knows him as. Forrest was called home to Heaven on Saturday June 12, 2021. He will be deeply missed and the impact he made on people’s lives will never be forgotten. His wonderful life will forever be cherished in the hearts of his family.

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