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Alvin R. “Ronnie” White, Jr.

DOVER – On Monday, May 11, 2020, Alvin Ronald “Ronnie” White, Jr. lost the battle of many years from suffering of many illnesses. Ronnie, born September 4, 1964 in Philadelphia, Penn. to Mrs. Huldah Faye Della Thorne-White and the late Alvin R. White, Sr.

Alvin, affectionately known as Ronnie, attended the Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA January 19, 1976, upon graduating from Milton Hershey School, June 6, 1983, Ronnie was drafted into the Navy School of music, Little Creek, Norfolk, VA, where his stint there was short lived with an honorable discharge. Prior to his enrollment to the Hershey School, Ronnie went thru some extremely traumatic events associated with the violent disruption of his family life. Ronnie was carefully placed with proper supervision that allowed him to express the events that caused him considerable pain. Ronnie began to think of his early life’s history of domestic violence came up with the idea of having a non-profit organization to help abused and battered women and children.

The birth of 2nd Chance to create this safe haven to meet the needs for abused and battered women and children in 1993 to present where he and Mrs. Faye D. White, his mother, are co-owners. Ronnie’s experience had seemingly left him emotionally stronger rather than weaker and with a great deal of empathy for others. Ronnie worked closely with the Director of Student Personnel Services where he worked as a Peer Counselor. In this capacity, he would attempt to help other students to resolve personal problems. In his interactions with adults as well as other young people he was consistently friendly, caring and courteous.

Ronnie’s leadership ability became evident when he was elected President of the Milton Hershey Touring Glee Club, the New Horizons Mixed Vocal Ensemble, his Student Home Council and was a member of the Senior Division Student Senate. Ronnie’s love for music became unquestionable. Ronnie began to spend numerous hours with the various music instructors as his busy schedule permitted. In addition to participating in a variety of singing groups, playing the tenor saxophone in the varsity marching band as well as pursuing independent study in Basic Musical Theory along with receiving specialized instructions as a member of the performing group. Ronnie would often perform solo work in various presentations on his campus, often sought after within the community to sing at weddings, award banquets, conventions, etc.

During summer vacation times Ronnie entertained in supper clubs and night spots within his home area. Summer 1982, Ronnie was awarded one of the few full scholarships to the Fred Waring Music Workshop held at University Park, PA., and at that function it was noted by Mr. Peter Kiefer, Managing Director of the Summer Program as “A very talented young man.” Mr. Kiefer personally stated, “Ronnie’s singing has so much appeal to me that I would be very happy to pay money to hear a one man concert staring Mr. White.” Ronnie was considered to have been a very talented young man.

Alvin, “Ronnie”, on the basis of an audition tape he submitted, is how he was granted as one of the few full scholarships to the Fred Waring Music Workshop held at the University Park, PA. Ronnie was way above the average and that scholarships are rare for the workshop and that the auditioning staff were extremely impressed with Alvin’s tape. Mr. Kiefer stated, “Ronnie was noticeable among the young people from all over the country at the workshop because of his hard work, pleasant personality, and his unusual musical aptitude and ability.” The Waring organization has a special performance demonstration group of selected vocalists chosen from college-age students, most of whom were veterans of Waring Workshops. The highly selective group consists of only ten members, known as the Waring Blenders. They were extremely interested in having Alvin become a part of this special unit the following summer and were anxious that he keep in touch with them so that they may follow through. This special selection was an indication of Ronnie’s ability and potential as rated by a professional group, since he was tapped from among several hundred top-notch young vocalists from high schools throughout the country.

Alvin Ronald “Ronnie” White was perhaps the most talented and unusual performer of his type, according to Mr. Virgil Alexander, Director of Milton Hershey Glee Club and voice instructor. He was most anxious and felt a sense of responsibility to help and direct Ronnie into meaningful career opportunities and to help him avoid some of the professional and personal pitfalls that exist for the unwary and inexperienced.

Ronnie is survived by his three children: Candice B. Newton (Hamilton); Alvin Ronald 3rd and Angel Rose White of Delaware; three grands: Anthony, Serenity and Tyler; Mother; Huldah Faye Della Thorne-White; three siblings: Kathleen Ann White-Smith, James Henry White (Melissa), Trina-Faye Manson. Preceding him in death, sister Julia (Judy), Elizabeth White and a host of nieces and nephews, cousins, other relatives, friends and for those whom cared for him at Bay Health ICU unit and Dover Behavior and Connections of Dover, DE.

Ronnie, December 8, 2019, joined and was baptized at Calvery Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop W. James Thomas, II.

The White Family wish to express their gratitude to all who cared for Ronnie. The family requests memorial donations be made to Bennie Smith Funeral Home, 717 W. Division Street, Dover, DE 19904.

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