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Verification (Financial Aid)

After your FAFSA is done, your college might alert you to submit financial documents (like tax returns, tax transcripts, or W-2 forms) for an accuracy check. This process is called Financial Aid Verification. If you are chosen, respond immediately.

Verification can be a long process. It’s important to respond quickly to requests for information because it can cause a breakdown of your financial aid and CES.

CES will not replace any lost federal, state, or college grants or scholarships resulting from an incomplete verification. And, you will not be eligible for CES or federal financial aid funds until you finish verification.

If you’re selected for verification, you could be notified in any of the following ways, so be alert for all of these throughout the year:

  • Page 1 of your SAR (FAFSA results) may show a star (*) beside your EFC in the top right corner – this can happen each time you submit or update your FAFSA
  • Instructions emailed by your college
  • To-Do requirements on your college financial aid portal
  • A message on your college financial aid award letter

Verification can be confusing, so talk to your Financial Aid Office to make sure you understand how to complete it. Also notify GPS that you’re working on getting verified.


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