Giving Back/Ways to Volunteer

Below is a list of different ways that you can volunteer your time and make a difference in students’ lives. Please contact our office with any questions or if you would like to sign up!

Volunteer Opportunities with MHS Students and Recent Graduates

Program Name Description Frequency Clearances Sign me up/I need more info
Spartan Ambassadors Attend admission events both on and off campus 4-5 times per year yes
Spartan Ambassadors Contact or meet with parent/sponsors who are considering withdrawing their children from MHS as needed and participants must complete training program. no
Go R.E.D. Family Reading Night Reading program for elementary students annual no
Career Day Speaker Speak to students about career options annual no
Alumni Panel Discussions Students who are new to the Senior Program (Freshman students and new students) 2 -3 hour program w/lunch at Dearden Alumni Campus Held on Saturday morning – 2 days each year (1/2 of class each day) no
Classroom Speakers Speak to students about career options, hobbies or other topics to support classroom learning At the request of teachers no
Mentoring Serve as a mentor to a recent graduate living in your community or who is interested in your career field. Dependent on nature of relationship between mentor and mentee no
TL Programming Attend meeting with senior class members to discuss “life after MHS”.  These dicussions will normaly be held in small groups at Transitional Living facilities. 4 -5 times per year/possibly Sunday evenings no
Houseparent Panel Discussions Opportunity to talk with houseparents about homesickness, laying the groundwork in the student home for future alumni relationships, and more. Periodically as requested by Homelife Administration. no