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Stayson Cabrera

With our deepest sorrow, we announce that Stayson Nelsauty Cabrera, 30, our most beloved son, brother, family member and friend passed suddenly on Monday, September 9th, 2019. He will be missed everyday by his mother, Austria Allen; grandmother, Isabel Perez; sister, Stephanie; brother, Steven; niece, Leyani; his loving Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Milton Hershey Family; and many great friends.

He attended Milton Hershey High School and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology where he studied Building Construction.

Stayson was a devoted family member and friend. He was extremely loved and had a smile that would light up a room. Those who knew Stayson lost a shining light in their lives. He loved so many, and was loved by so many more. He had an aura that with just one encounter, you would remember him for lifetime. He left a mark on all the lives he’s touched. He loved in a way that you thought it was fake. He wanted for you better than you did for yourself. But you didn’t know you needed it. Truly an angel walking among us.

His heart, like his hands were larger than life. When he hugged you, it was an embrace. Not the hi-bye hug, the type of hug that lets you know that he put Old Spice deodorant on today. The blue kind gel kind that stings when you put too much on. And that he washed with Dove body wash. **Which reminds you that this gentle giant, ironically, has sensitive skin. ** The type of hug that lingers as you walk away.

Throw on that flannel and lace up your chucks because Stayson will always live on. We love you and we miss you. Gone but cannot be forgotten.

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