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Jose Vega Jr.

Jose M. Vega Jr. was born April 24, 1970 in Bronx, New York and passed away in Arlington, Virginia December 5, 2021 surrounded by family that loved him. Jose’s last selfless act  helped save others by being an organ donor. Jose was always there to help anyone and everyone in need. Jose spent his life doing many things including; seeing the world, being in the navy, a police officer and finally an auto mechanic where he spent all his time in the shop. If he wasn’t travelling with his wife Samantha.

Jose is survived by his wife Samii (Samantha) Vega, his sister Irene Vega, his nephews Estevan Vega and Jermey Wilkins JR. His niece Melanie Stokes and her kids Maxwell Stokes and Zachary Stokes. His sister in law Katherine Schaible, her husband Devin Schaible and his niece Cora Schaible. Along with Jose his extended family including aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews; friends from his navy days, pool playing and of course his bowling family. There will never be a day that’ll go by that Jose is not missed or thought about. Jose goes into eternity with, his mom Elsa Morel; his father Jose Miguel Vega SR, and Samii and Joses’ babies Jose M Vega III and Amelia Marie Vega. 

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