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Dominic Mott

Dominic Mott was born and raised in Freeland. He was the son of “Cam” Gallucci Mott and Dominic Mott II.

Dominic studied English at Penn State main campus. After school, he went on to serve in the U.S. Army. Dominic was inducted into the 101st Airborne Division.

While he was in the Army, he received various medals. He was awarded the expert medal for the M-16 rifle, the sharpshooter medal for the M-14 rifle, the National Defense Service medal, and the parachutist medal. He was a veteran, husband and father.

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Margaret Kisthardt Mott; his son, Dominic A. Mott IV; his daughter, Monica Wilson; his grandchildren; two brothers; Richard Gallagher and Paul Mott; and his faithful beagle, Loki.

He worked in the community as a delivery man for multiple different pizzerias in Pennsylvania. He worked 15 years as an excellent delivery man for Two Guys Italian Pizzeria.

When he was not delivering people their food, he enjoyed writing, singing, dancing, concerts and dreaming of Los Angeles. Forever in our hearts as the child of the ’60s.

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