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Alumni Business Directory

Milton Hershey School provides the Alumni Business Directory as a complimentary service to encourage networking and the support of alumni businesses. MHS does not directly or indirectly endorse or make any other representations concerning any of the businesses or services listed in the Directory.

I understand and agree that Milton Hershey School is providing the Alumni Business Directory as a complimentary service, and that MHS does not directly or indirectly endorse or make any other representation concerning any of the businesses or services listed in the Directory.

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KellyMaven Media

Kelly Davidson

KellyMaven Media is a premiere socially conscious marketing and communications firm based on the east coast. We specialize in assisting individuals, organizations, and nonprofits with developing and disseminating their messaging and products to their targeted audiences. We are dedicated to telling stories that motivate and inspire. Our goal is to assist you in taking your brand, passion, or cause to the next level with a comprehensive and creative communications approach.

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Keystone Pressure Clean

William Whitney

Keystone Pressure Clean provides commercial pressure-washing.

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King’s Stylish Closet

Maryetta King

Whether you have a night in or a night out, we have the outfit, shoes, and accessories you need.

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Live Without Apologies

Abigail Johnson

Live Without Apologies is more than a t-shirt brand. We promote a mindset shift. We are a lifestyle/education/advocacy brand that is working hard to encourage everyone to live life unapologetically, and we are also super passionate about raising awareness about the current “epidemic within a pandemic”—the mental health crisis globally! We need to talk about this! We need action-oriented solutions to address the mental health crisis in America. It isn’t specific to one population (youth, workers, new moms etc.) Although, admittedly Black & Brown communities suffer disproportionately. It isn’t up to one sector. Therapy and treatment alone won’t fix this. We need a coordinated multi-sector approach. We need everyone working together.

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Marilyn L Weaver

Marilyn Weaver

I coach women who are overwhelmed and or burned-out and help them create a plan for self-care.

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Matt Kline Associates

Matthew Kline

Matt Kline Associates sells ceramic tile and stone.

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ML Ebersole Abstract LLC

Scott E. Smith

ML Ebersole Abstract LLC provides title abstracting services for real estate transactions.

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MultiArts Signs & Advertising

David Roush

We design, build, and install LED/EMC signs, vehicle wraps, restaurant and retail lighted signs, real estate signage, monument signs, medical and hospital signage, wall coverings, digital prints, window graphics, LED window frames, construction projects signs, home builders signs, and school signage.

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Musser Voice Over

Joshua Musser

Providing professional voice over services for commercial, narration, corporate, and character-based projects.

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National Youth Foundation

Carolyn Crawford

Founded by Black women with a vision for change, the mission of the National Youth Foundation is to promote diversity, inclusion and gender equality through innovative literary programs.

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